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Finding Myself

Cooking is definitely a love. Right? Thing is, like everything else, you have to focus and learn to be better. I want to, and have all intentions to start cooking. I dont ever think I was a cook, its just a hobby, but its because I dont find myself in the kitchen when Im home. I dont find myself exploring different recipes. Or maybe just the opposite. I have so many recipes to try, I dont know what to focus my dishes around. Or which recipe to try and master. I want to cook. Damn as hell want to learn how to cook. How to make dishes thatll make you salivate before it hits the table. I dont want to do baking per se, but I want to get hands on. To make everything from scratch. I want to start from somewhere and I think with that said, I need a dish to make to start off with. In culinary, they start you off with knife skills, cooking an egg, the 101s. Ill do those as I go along as well, but I also need to figure out what to cook and have under my sleeves as a dish I can master. To have as my own.

Stick with me because Im not so sure how its gonna turn out. Hahaha, but hey—ive got a plan put into preproduction. And its a long term project, but I aim for it.

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Different Galaxies ft. Sam Ock

Different Galaxies ft. Sam Ock | Dumbfoundead

Incomparable, but only if her parents approved, maybe they got something against asian-american dudes, just playin

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