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So, I am starting to take these updates from my kuya as an appreciative tone. He’s letting me in the loop of his financial, family, and work stuff. I mean in a sense I learn from it too. He’s asking if I wanted a laptop and I turned it down. Because knowing what he’s going through, I need to try and do the same. In terms of providing help but not necessarily being the one saving or being the one needing to be saved. Kind of like having the power to do something, but knowing when to show you wield such power to avoid being taken advantage of, or when someone just needs a budge towards the right direction than being given the answer, or if they really need the help. I appreciate everything hes done for me, and I feel my babysitting and help isnt enough. So here’s to me in doing more

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Did you know that by spelling the english word SOCKS outloud, you are also saying the spanish phrase Eso si que es, which means “it is what is is”. 

My spanish teacher told us this last year and I will never forget it

can we  say socks instead of yolo?


Mama, just killed a man #SOCKS


im laughing histerically right now


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You’re a psychopath. Like by definition and by model, you’re seriously a psychopath.